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Avant Prime Web Miner is the ultimate data extraction and web scraping tool
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1 July 2015

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In today’s world information is the key to success in every business. Without the right data set, you can hardly consider launching an effective marketing campaign. Now when it comes to marketing data, not everything is available for purchase and at times you have scrap data from the internet. Some examples of such data may include relevant email IDs or phone numbers that you have to scan the web in order to build a list. Now with the Web Miner 1.2.5 application you can swiftly grab the data elements from the internet without breaking a sweat. The versatile application can sort through the web pages and interconnected links based on the qualifying inputs you provide.

On launch the Web Miner 1.2.5 application sports a sleek looking interface that is characterized by a light hued minimalistic design. The primary options are placed on the top bar while the mining results are showcased in the main central pane. The application is capable of not only up emails or URL feeds, it can even be used to trace out files and addresses lying scattered on the web. The program has a relatively compact setup size as compared to its peers and its search process is fairly quick. The tool can also be used for Search engine optimization efforts as it can trace out the keyword density for a particular page with ease. Moreover the tool can grab IP addresses and micro-formats with accuracy and comes with features to facilitate custom mining parameters. It incidentally allows you to export the data in form of a CSV file and can also be used to grab images.

Based on our experience with the remarkable Web Miner 1.2.5 tool and its capacity to dig out a whole array of information based on the given specifications, we mark it with a score of four ratings stars.

Publisher's description

Avant Prime Web Miner is the ultimate data extraction, web content mining and web scraping tool. Using the built in web crawler to crawl a single page, an entire website or a unlimited number of interlinked websites automatically while extracting content using one of the built-in miners which include: emails, images, URLs, feeds, phone numbers, microformats, files and documents, IP addresses, keyword density reports and meta tags extractors. If this is not enough you can use your own custom regular expressions or XSLT documents to perform custom data extraction.
The Avant Prime web miner support automatic sending of emails, building image & document gallery and even automatic posting of artefacts to an web service of your choosing.
An easy to use and very powerful tool to get your web content mining operation off to a flying start.
Web Miner
Web Miner
Version 1.2.502
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